“The hunger of the human heart is for meaning, reason, purpose, and value.”

-Ravi Zacharias

What greater way to be fortified than to know that you were created for a purpose, by a loving God who desires the best for you. To be forthright, Forti-fy will be representing the Christian worldview. Regardless of your race, gender, education or vocational background, we all bear the imago dei, the image of God. He is the author of our human essence and thus we are equal in dignity and have intrinsic value.
To the skeptic, of which many of us were, and those of different faiths, we invite you to bring your questions – or just sit back and listen to the conversation. Examine the evidence and make your own assessments. Understandably, you may not agree, but hopefully you will have a better understanding of the Christian message and how it answers the fundamental questions of life.

This prayer of Christ’s holds special significance for me. As my own son was barely clinging to life in a hospital ICU, I was also begging God in prayer.

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