Am I just my brain?

Are our minds nothing more than a biological computer? Are we just clusters of cells and chemical reactions?

Are we “Human Algorithms”, as best selling author Yuval Harari has suggested? And just dancing to our DNA, as atheist Richard Dawkins asserts?

If that is the case, do we have free will?

Is personhood dependent upon having a fully functioning brain?

Do we believe certain things just due to our brain activity?

What ultimately makes us human?

There are huge implications on how you answer these questions. If you and/or your kids get into deep philosophical questions about science and faith, these interviews with Dr. Sharon Dirckx discussing “Am I Just My Brain?” will provide some thought provoking insights.

Dr. Sharon Dirckx knew she wanted to be a scientist from a very young age. Starting out at university studying biochemistry, she did not believe that one could be a scientist and believe in God. However, she did find out that, yes, indeed you can, and she ultimately did!

Am I just My Brain? Ask Away Podcast

by With Sharon Dirckx

Sharon joins Michael Davis and Vince and Jo Vitale on this episode.

In the video below, Sharon is speaking at at an RZIM “Trending Questions” event.  She begins her talk at the 35 minute mark and speaks for about 45 minutes. Afterwards, there is a Q & A.

You can also check out Sharon’s new book: