A Tragic Travesty

A Tragic Travesty

They Knew Then

The NIH, CDC and FDA knew from very early on that there were serious side effects from the Covid vaccines.

They did not let the information come out.

 Last month a preprint of a landmark study on Covid Vaccine injury was released. The problem is, is that the NIH is not being forthright and honest in the study.

How do I know?

I happen to personally know Bree Dressen who, along with many others, were part of the study. She has the phone call records, the emails, the recordings, and the real-life stories of what actually happened in the vaccine trials and in the vaccine injury study.

 It’s a Tragic Travesty

 I have taken several hours of interviews given by Bree, who is also the co-founder of React19, and Shaun Barcavage, the lead researcher from React19, and consolidated the main points in a few videos below. (The 2 videos combined are around 11 minutes.) 

Although tens of thousands of vaccine-injured people are grateful that there is at least some recognition that the vaccine can cause damage, they are certainly disheartened that the data is not being accurately reflected.

You will hear in the videos that it is also clear that the NIH, CDC and FDA knew by early 2021 that these injuries were happening. 

 “What I knew they (NIH) were doing, what I knew what they knew, and knew what they could do by just talking about it. How many lives they could save…how many people they could have prevented from getting worse. 

 What would have happened had (Covid vaccine-injured) Americans been afforded the potential of early intervention? 

Bree Dressen speaking on the NIH’s role in responding to the thousands of vaccine injured.

NIH/NIND Landmark Study On Vaccine Injured

Possible Theories for Vaccine Injuries

It is unfortunate that those who are in the greatest need are not getting the help they so desperately need, proof of that here. Keep in mind these are pro-vaccine and pro-science advocates.  But no one who took the vaccine was given a proper consent:

More Evidence That the The Government Knows:

A lawsuit filed by whistleblower Brook Jackson alleging Pfizer and two of its contractors manipulated data and committed other acts of fraud during Pfizer’s COVID-19 clinical trials is paused following a motion by the defendants to dismiss the case.

In an interview with The Defender, Jackson’s lawyer said Pfizer argued the lawsuit, which was filed under the False Claims Act, should be dismissed because the U.S. government knew of the wrongdoings in the clinical trials but continued to do business with the vaccine maker.

 Jackson filed her complaint in August 2021, in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas, Beaumont Division, alleging Pfizer, Ventavia and ICON “deliberately withheld crucial information from the United States that calls the safety and efficacy of their vaccine into question.”

 The documents she provided contained evidence of falsified data, blind trial failures and awareness on the part of at least one Ventavia executive that members of the company’s staff were “falsifying data.”

Jackson’s documents also provided evidence of administrators who had “no training” or medical certifications, or who provided “very little oversight” during the trials.

~ Excerpted From The Defender 7/5/22


First, please consider sharing this post with anyone you know who will listen. Do you know a doctor, medical professional, lawmaker, or journalist? Share it with them.

Next, ReAct 19 is a research focused grassroots organization made up of patients, scientists and physicians who are working to increase our understanding in the role of Covid-19 in those who experience systemic and prolonged symptoms, after acute infection or after vaccination.  You can share this site with your doctor or any medical professionals you may know:

For more proof of the truth of what is going on, click on the stories below.

Quiet But Not Inactive

It’s been a while since I’ve been regularly posting on social media.

So much of my time towards the end of 2020 and all of 2021 was focusing on medical freedom and vaccine choice. Some days I was spending upwards of 8-12 hours on it.

I have not stopped working on this issue.  I have only stopped posting. Partly because my account is still in “warning status” and I do not wish to be permanently banned, and because I am so shadow banned thus its difficult to get information disseminated.

The vaccine injuries continue to mount, and the tragedy that befalls those who have been injured has me vacillating between utter heartbreak and indignation.

I still cannot comprehend how we are treating people like this.

What does it take to awaken people to the reality that government entities are not bastions of  “all-knowing-truth” that can be trusted with our lives?  Why is it that we know there is corruption in every area of government, yet when it comes to anything to do with this topic – to question it is sacrilegious?

Bree Dressen, who is a spokesperson for React 19 and the Covid 19 vaccine injured, reached out to me asking that I share the following information.

Tragically, there has been an uptick in suicides in the vaccine injured groups she is involved with.  When no one will listen to you, nor believe you, and censors you, what else is there to do?

These people are suffering, every single day. It is absolutely abhorrent that they need to fight to get doctors and health professionals to believe them.

In the video below, the injured are trying to reach out to those who are suicidal, to give them hope. What is so very sad is that they even had to mute out the word “vaccine” in the video for fear of censorship. How more tragic can this get?



These folks are desperately trying to be seen, heard and believed.




Below is an example of just one vaccine-injured person’s medical bills being over 1.2 million dollars. Bree had to mortgage her house, as well, as she was unbelievably – and unconscionably – only compensated around $1400.

Many of the injured are in the same predicament. Maddie de Garay’s story is so tragic – especially since the lead investigator for Pfizer’s clinical trial knew of her injury, and yet Pfizer has done nothing to contact her family or offer any compensation.

The depravity of man never ceases to amaze me. READ IT HERE:

From Facebook:

“Let’s all thank vaccine injury survivors Steve Wenger and clinical trial participant Bree Dressen and many others who advocated to get the injured some compensation for their suffering. Steve’s medical bills were over 1.2 million in 2021 and because he has the chronic form of Guillian Barre he has to have IVIG (10 to 12k per bag) monthly for the rest of his life. These survivors stepped up and got vaccinated to help humanity and end the pandemic.”

Yes, remember, that all these folks did what they were asked – or forced –  to do,  Not only did some lose everything, they also lost any hope of help from those in the government whom they thought they could trust.


It’s time for you to do something.

It’s time for you to believe their stories. It’s time for you to share this information with every medical person, educator, lawmaker, friend, and family member that you know.

Your silence has consequences to a suffering humanity.


There is no reason not to.

More Stories to Share:

What Has Happened to Us?

What Has Happened to Us?

Maddie Needs To Be Heard

I still cannot believe that our government has allowed this to happen.
I mean, should I be surprised? No.
But I don’t think I ever really believed that this would truly happen. That people would be left with no recourse, literally abandoned.
Now, I know. 
Now, we all know.

Or do we?

Why? Why can’t people see what is happening? Why is there a refusal to see it? Never in my life have I witnessed such abject denial of evidence of harm.

What has happened to us?  Seriously, what?

Have your read the thousands of stories I have previously posted of people pleading for help?

Start right here and see the reality of what our government agencies and Pfizer have done to, Maddie, a once healthy 12-year-old girl who is now paralyzed and on a feeding tube.

Here are a few short videos showing this tragedy:

Yes, what has happened to this little girl and her family is beyond comprehension.

And here’s something to think about.

The people at these government agencies know about this – yes, THEY DO KNOW- just watch this short clip to see:

Yet these agency heads are just living their lives – maybe even out tonight enjoying a party with friends.

But they know they have done this. They know their actions have brought unbelievable suffering and hardship to this family. And they know about the suffering of thousands of others.

Their silence is evil:

  • Morally bad or wrong; wicked.
  • Causing ruin, injury, or pain; harmful.

How do people live with the knowledge of the damage their actions have caused?

How does a portion of the population who hear this just ignore it?

I just cannot comprehend this level of cognitive dissonance.

What are you going to do with this information?

Are your eyes opened? Are you willing to help bring awareness of this to those around you?

Or will you just excuse it away? Close your eyes to it? Not believe it – because perhaps it is too unbelievable? Roll your eyes at those who share these stories?

Go ahead.

But you will not be able to escape the fact that your actions make you complicit in the evil that is happening.

Your silence is an action.

Your disbelief negates people. Erases them.

Your disregard shows your bias.

Perhaps you should think again.

See. They were given no indication they would be left on their own, shunned, silenced, and censored.

Act. They need a lifeline.

Now. Like, right now. Share this with a journalist, a medical professional, a legislator, friends, family, social media. 

Please consider donating – as generously as you are able.

Read more of this tragic story and donate.

Now, read this next to see the reality of how this tragedy is being lived out daily in the lives of tens of thousands:

We all need to work together to shed the light of truth on this bitter, dark reality so these people can be helped.

Do Not Stay Silent

Do Not Stay Silent

First, Hit The Play Button:

Cruelty is Evil

We have done, and are continuing to do, a very cruel thing.

Not only is it cruel, it is evil.

I want to believe that people’s hearts are not so hardened, or confirmation bias so strong, that they won’t at least listen.

Listen to the stories of the cruelty that has been done.

Tens of thousands – potentially hundreds of thousands need you to listen. They need your help to hear the “cruelty that has been imposed” upon them.

Those are not my words; those are the words of someone who committed suicide because they were “erased” by our government agencies, and doctors who were just following these agencies’ orders.

Kyle Warner is the young man speaking in this video. He is a 29-year-old professional mountain bike racer and 3-three-time national champion. He was vaccine injured and may never race again.

I know Bree, who speaks at the end of this video. I know that she has sat with the heads of our government agencies and major news outlets.

I know she has sat with evidence of recorded zoom calls with these agencies, voice recordings and documented medical records, only to be met with silence and abandonment.

It is unfathomable to me that this silence can be happening on such a massive scale. Like, how?


But It Is

Not only have they been silenced by these agencies, they also represent thousands who were in support groups on Facebook. They were found by Facebook, and then eliminated.

Bree tells of this in videos I have included in the link below. All contact was lost with those in crisis.

Tuesday morning, I met with a few close friends and just cried. Cried because my heart is so broken. It’s broken for them. It’s broken for us. It’s broken because there seems to be no way forward for them. The “establishment narrative” beats down hard, shuts them out, and divides us all.

Even if mandates were removed, these people would still be left suffering in silence.

The injured are waking up today:

Silenced. Disregarded. Mocked. Insulted. Death threats.

This is not misinformation.

This is information everyone needs to know so the injured can get the help they need. This is not vaccine issue. This is a humanitarian issue. 

Even if you think you’ve heard it before, take the time to hear it again – to the end. Hear the desperate plea, again.

Put aside your politics. Put aside your presuppositions – for just 2 minutes and 17 seconds.

In order for the injured to start being heard it is incumbent upon you, you who are reading this to do SOMETHING-ANYTHING- to make sure the world knows the cruelty that has been imposed on these people.

Send this post to someone. Someone you believe will have enough compassion to listen, hear, and believe.

Do you know a doctor, medical professional, lawmaker, or journalist? Send this to them.

PLEASE speak for them. Please stand up for them.

They did what they were asked to do. Now they need our help.


Following is a sampling of social media sites and websites that feature the stories of those who have been injured.  

You can hear and read many stories in these blog posts. I recommend starting here. I have kept the videos in each blog post short.



These Are Various Sites Linking Info From Government Data Sites:

This blog post contains links to several government data sites:

Instagram Sites:

Dozens of Instagram accounts have been taken down over the last year. It seems almost every week, another account has been deleted. For the moment, these are up:

You Can Help Break The Silence

First, please consider sharing this post with anyone you know who will listen. Do you know a doctor, medical professional, lawmaker, or journalist? Share it with them.

Next, ReAct 19 is a research focused grassroots organization made up of patients, scientists and physicians. Working to increase our understanding in the role of Covid-19 in those who experience systemic and prolonged symptoms, after acute infection or after vaccination.  You can share this site with your doctor or any medical professionals you may know:

Please take a moment to watch this video that features the injured. Below is an edited video clip I put together to use for social media. Visit the site to view the entire video. Please consider donating, even $5 or $10 can make a difference. No gift is too small! 

These folks have been left behind and many are drowning in debt.

As Bree said in her testimony. “If you get Covid, you will get the help and medical care you need. But if you are injured by the vaccine, the government won’t help you, the drug companies won’t help you, you will be completely on your own.”


What If You Get Covid?

As I state in every post, Covid is real and must be taken seriously. For the best outcomes, early treatment is key. You can check out this blog post for helpful information:

Do you live in Indiana?

If you live in Indiana and are concerned that a mandatory vaccine policy might cause you to lose your job, I would urge you to check into  – and JOIN –

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty:

Freedom Rally

This weekend I am off to D.C. for Sunday’s “Defeat the Mandates” rally. There will be freedom rallies held across the globe, including more than 40 countries and 150 cities.

Participants will march in support of informed consent, natural immunity, use of early treatments and the doctor-patient relationship that should exist independent of government interference.

We know that Covid is real and must be taken seriously. But we also know that there are ways of dealing with the virus that do not need to involve coercion or forced mandates.

The Media Spin

Whether there will be 100 or 100,000 people in attendance, it will not change the media narrative of the event, which has probably already been queued and ready to go.

I predict the media reports will follow this narrative:


First, it will be discredited as a massive misinformation campaign hosted by conspiratorial, anti-vax, pandemic profiteers.

Pay no mind to the fact that many of the speakers have already been fighting for years for medical freedom, pro-informed consent laws and encouraging people to be educated on how to be good stewards of their health.

My guess is the media might also fail to mention that there have been no greater profiteers from the pandemic than the vaccine manufacturers themselves. After all, to quote a CNN headline, “Covid Vaccines Profit Mint 9 More Pharma Billionaires.” I don’t begrudge a company making a profit. That’s what businesses do. I am just stating a fact.

I am also guessing that although some of the speakers may not have had the Covid vaccine, they have had most other vaccines. This rally is against mandates not vaccines.

The credentials and expertise of the many doctors who will be speaking will be ignored by the media and replaced with defamatory labels. Some are medical professionals that are the most published in their field of study, in the world.

These same doctors will be admonished for dissenting from “established” government health recommendations.

Successful Treatments Thwarted

Yet, these same doctors have successfully treated, daily, thousands of patients, often with medicines that are on the WHO essential medicine list.  However, these same medications have been kept from thousands of other patients because our government agencies have thwarted doctors attempts to use them. Some have stated that 85% of Covid deaths could have been avoided had early treatment been used.

Next, a portion of the rally will be devoted to speeches by the vaccine injured. Bree Dressen, who was injured by the Covid vaccine, is heading up that portion of the event.

Bree and I have connected over the past few months. I have video clips from her testimony in my blog posts, some of which have received several hundred thousands of views on my social media.

Bree has sat with the heads of the FDA and CDC and NIH – and their response has been very disturbing.  She has the phone calls and emails all documented. There is so much the public has no idea about.


Because the same media that will be covering this event is the same media that has silenced the injured. Thousands of them. And they have silenced anyone who tries to get their stories out. Just ask me how I know.

What I have witnessed over this last year is what has compelled me to do whatever I can to get their voices out to be seen, heard, and believed.

I would challenge anyone reading this who believes these injuries are “very rare” or “fake news” to go look at everything I have posted over the last year. I would be hard-pressed to believe that any individual who does so could be so hard-hearted to reject the validity of what is occurring.

You can start here:


At some point you will be saying, “Wait, wait, wait, how can this be happening?”

Come to the rally and you will hear how.

Those in Attendance

Now, at the rally, will there be some crazy nutty extremists in the audience? Probably, there always are. And the networks will make sure that they get interviewed and put them in front of you.

However, the vast majority of the crowd will undoubtably be made up of moms and dads, and grandmas and grandpas who are concerned for their children’s futures and the extreme governmental overreach that has occurred with lockdowns, segregation, forced and coerced mandates and now the restrictions on the ability to move freely in society.

The list of speakers also covers a vast swath of the political and ideological landscape.

Will I, and every person at the rally, agree with every topic that each of those speakers address?  Probably not.

But will we all agree with the fundamental premise being put forth of defeating mandates? Absolutely.

And therein lies the beauty of what was once a prevailing goal in American culture: Finding unity in diversity.

My Ultimate Prediction

I end with two quotes from George Orwell’s 1984 – the historic novel that explores the obliteration of truth and individuality and a world governed by propaganda, surveillance, and censorship – and my final prediction.

The first quote speaks to the dystopian state:

 “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command….”

The second, is a call to challenge that dystopia:

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

Whatever spin the “Ministry of Truth” media narrative will be of the rally, I predict that they will neglect to tell you this:

 “It was a revolutionary act attended by those who have NOT rejected the evidence of their eyes and ears.”