If you are a woman reading this, I believe there is a pretty good chance that this question has run through your mind at some point in your life.

It was not until I was almost 30 before I had ever picked up a bible. Being new in the faith, and a busy mom there were many different issues I focused my attention on, but it wasn’t until my own daughters hit their early teens that I started delving into the topic of “God’s view of Women,” more deeply.

For me, at least for awhile, there were scripture passages that I had just put on the back burner, but I knew my daughters; I knew some of them were really going to have some serious difficulties with those tough passages we women all know – the ones that especially non-Christian women say prevent them from ever believing in the God of the bible.

And honestly, if not read in full cultural context, it is totally understandable why many women would feel that way. In addition, societally, within the church, this has not always been lived out well.

My goal in every post is to provide readers valuable and insightful resources on a topic. I thought these two recent podcast episodes with Dr. Jo Vitale, addressed this issue with breadth and depth.

Dr. Jo Vitale is Dean of Studies at the Zacharias Institute and an itinerant speaker for RZIM. Prior to joining the US team, Jo was a speaker for RZIM Europe, where she also served in teaching and pastoral roles at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

During her time in Oxford, Jo graduated with a theology MA, an MSt in Biblical interpretation, and a DPhil (PhD) in theology, each from the University of Oxford. Interested in the questions surrounding sexism and the Bible, Jo wrote her doctoral dissertation on women in the Old Testament.

Dr. Juli Slattery is a clinical psychologist, author, speaker and the president/co-founder of Authentic Intimacy – a ministry devoted to reclaiming God’s design for sexuality. She earned her college degree at Wheaton College, an MA in psychology from Biola University, and an MS and a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology. Juli is the author of ten books, and host of the weekly podcast “Java with Juli.”

Here is the interview on “Javi with Juli”:

Here is the interview on “Ask Away”:


Both “Ask Away” and “Java with Juli” are two of my favorite podcasts as they deal extensively with the cultural topics of our time.

You can read about Juli’s book “Rethinking Sexuality” by clicking on the photo:

Another outstanding voice in this area is Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing. Amy is a senior vice president with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and Joint Director of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. She leads a team of pioneering apologist-evangelists and speaks around the world on how the Christian faith answers the deepest questions of life. Follow her Instagram here.