November 2021 – This post was originally posted in September 2021.  Please note that vimeo has disabled my account and therefore some videos posted in this post may no longer be viewed.

I am working on uploading them to a new platform.  Until then if you go to the Forti-fy Facebook page or Instagram page you can find many of the videos posted there.

My videos were primarily just real people who were telling their documented vaccine injury story, or what was happening at their work or where they live.

 Very sad that this is what we have come to.


Following is a list of links that you can click on to read thousands of reports and stories from those who have been negatively affected by Covid vaccines. Please also click HERE for Facebook, and HERE for Instagram daily posts.

If you have read any of my previous posts, you know my only goal in writing on vaccines is to advocate for choice. I believe everyone should be allowed to make  the decision that gives them the greatest peace of mind.


This website was started by former Green Bay Packer, Ken Ruettgers, whose wife was injured by the Covid Vaccine. It represents a large and ever-growing group of Americans who were previously healthy and have been seriously injured by the COVID vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J as well as Astra Zeneca in the clinical trial stage in the United States). Ken reached out to Senator Ron Johnson, in an effort to bring attention to the thousands of people who have been negatively affected.

This site has a plethora of information. You can read/watch testimonials of many vaccine injured here:

Also on the site are links to view letters from the vaccine injured, and senators, written to the FDA and CDC:

From Senators:

From Vaccine Injured:

The following was a post I wrote after watching the press conference held by Ron Johnson, which was attended by a group of people who have been vaccine injured. Their stories are heart-breaking. The press conference is long, but, again,  I would strongly encourage you to watch it so as to see the reality of what has been happening:


Here is one of many stories, like the ones in the above post, of kids getting myo/pericarditis. “I wish someone would have told me.”

Click picture to start video:

Here are a few 1 – 2 minute excerpts from the press conference, except Maddie’s, which is about 5 minutes. Very Sad.

These videos are from a press conference in August. For the most current press conference, click HERE

Here is the direct link to Senator Ron Johnson’s press conference:

This is not from the press conference, but I think it sums up the desperate plea I have heard from thousands of others:

“There are horrible things happening to so many people. I am begging you to see there is someting wrong.”



Here is another website devoted to people telling their vaccine injury stories:

These Vaccine Injuries Are Not Rare

In this video both a very fit husband and wife are diagnosed with pericarditis and myocarditis, respectfully. Per usual, watch the end of the video where he is accused of lying because it is mathematically impossible for them both to be injured.

Except for the fact that it IS so frequent that it is, therefore, not impossible.

Here, Daniel discusses how often the cardiologist sees these cases.

Agencies are not disclosing injuries to the public.

Here is my original post I began back in January of 2021. Even from the very beginning, there were hundreds and hundreds of stories coming out shortly after the vaccine started being administered. There are so many stories in here that it takes the page a bit of time to load!


Here is the open vaers link Note: when I tried to post this directly on facebook, FB notified me that it would limit the distribution of who could see the post – which is just one of many forms of censorship being utilized. This data comes right from the government VAERS site.  Again – it only captures between 1-10% of reports. Regardless of what your view is on correlation/causation, you can read through every report yourself. Click below:




There have actually been many IG and FB groups and accounts groups, but in time, FB and IG takes them down. In addition, my website, itself, gets “break-in” attempts, almost daily.

Here is my latest post of snippets from the culture – mostly 1-2 minute videos:

There are so many pleas for help.

I say it every time, but I will say it again.

  1. Covid  is real. Take is seriously. GET TREATMENT EARLY!
  2. Vaccine  injury is real. Take it seriously
  3. When deciding on the vaccine: Talk to the most pro-covid vaccine doc YOU know – and listen to why they think it’s the best idea. Ask questions, give your concerns. Then, go to a doctor that believes that the covid vaccine may not be for you. Listen to why they believe that. Ask questions, share your concerns.
  4. Make your decision.

Good people and good doctors disagree on this issue. Both sides can bring their own tragic stories.

(Yes, I happened to focus on the vaccine stories because everyone knows about the covid stories, and many of the vaccine stories are censored.)

The following are both true:

1. If you get Covid, you may be fine, have long-term adverse effects or die.

2. If you take the vaccine, you may be fine, have long-term adverse effects, or die.

The sooner we acknowledge this, the greater trust we will build, knowing all sides are being heard and have a seat at the table.

Life is a Risk

There is an inherent risk in living. Having the ability to review as much information as possible is key to ascertaining specific risk.

However, I would propose that it should not be the government, your employer, a business, or a school that decides whether you should take the risk for injecting, or not injecting, something into your body.

The greatest long-term risk would be to have a government that has the authority to force their decision on you.

A position of humility understands that there is a good probability that no one has the correct vaccine answer for everyone, but that you can make an informed decision for yourself and should be allowed to do so.

Trust is the greater good, not mandates.


Do you live in Indiana?

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Be informed. Be Engaged. Be Kind.