Were you aware that the FDA had to be sued to release the data from the Pfizer trial?  They stated that they could only release 500 pages per month. This would mean it would not be until 2076 until all the data was released. (1/6/22 Update on ruling HERE)

They have released the first 2,000 pages, and it raises serious concerns.

Below are short video clips taken from a full-length video, also below, that go over the actual Pfizer trial data.

No matter what someone’s view is on the vaccine, people should be made aware of the data.

Please note that I had Bree Dressen, who is vaccine injured and has worked directly with the NIH, CDC and FDA on the many vaccine injuries – which they continue to remain silent on- review the following presentation.

Bree appears in several of the videos I have posted so you can listen to her first-hand knowledge of her experience with these agencies.

She had PhD’s in pharmacovigilance review it. They stated the data review was well done.


Under 1 Minute


Under 1 minute:

Full Presentation:

Please note that it is not only the mRNA vaccines that have had issues:


Also, here are links to two organizations made up of physicians, researchers, and scientists that are pursuing transparency in regard to the vaccine trial data, and are also trying to help those who have been vaccine injured:

As I have discussed before, this information will not stay hidden – it cannot – it is too prevalent and grows every day. As the vaccine-injured continue to be censored on social media, and ignored by doctors, the number of websites they are popping up with vaccine injury reports continues to grow.

There are now established journalists, mega-podcasters, doctors, and scientists speaking out. This information is reaching millions.

That is not to say “the powers that be ” will not try to silence and discredit every one of them, but at some point, I do hope we reach that “tipping point” that will allow the truth to be heard on the entire body of data.

Only then will people be able to make an informed choice and determine the risk/benefit ratio for their situation. Some may choose to receive it, some may not. Both should be allowed.

Again, I would recommend this information be shared with any entity that believes vaccine mandates are a good idea.  It is possible that at some point they could be held liable for forcing this procedure.

I have always stated that Covid is real, must be taken seriously and treated early. However, covid vaccine injury is also real and must be taken seriously.

The fact that the injured are being silenced and abandoned is unconscionable.

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Be Informed. Be Engaged. Be Kind.