Let me begin by stating that the following information is not meant to provide medical treatment advice for any specific individual.  It is only a compilation of some items that our family and friends have used.

It is up to you to do your own research, review that research, and make a decision based on your own health.

This list of suggestions is only that: suggestions.  It is in no way exhaustive. There may be many who read this and feel I failed to mention one thing or another.  That is most likely true.

The goal is to provide information that others may not be aware of that could potentially lessen the probability of a severe Covid infection.

I will not be discussing vaccines in this post, as I am sure everyone is already aware that they exist and are readily available to those who would like to receive one.

It has been stated by some in the medical community that 85% of the deaths that have occurred from Covid may have been avoided if early treatment was provided. There are many reasons for why those treatments were not utilized, but that is beyond the scope of this blog post.

As I always state: Covid is real, needs to be taken seriously and treated early. Listen to doctors who have treated thousands of patients (video is less than 2 minutes):

Here are a few links to various protocols:

Dr. Tyson (Featured in above video) and Dr. Fareed:

Be Sure to check out the short video in this link!


Who They Are:


I would STRONGLY encourage reading through this document –  you can probably start at page 13. It gives extremely detailed recommendations.

Check out the side bar on this link for specific prevention and treatment protocols, although prior link is more in-depth:

Ivermectin: The FULL Story. If you have ever wondered why people are drawn to this treatment, this post will inform you! All science evidenced based.

Dr. Peter McCullough’s Protocol

Letter to a Friend

Following is an email that I sent to a friend last year who had asked me what supplements our family was taking. Since then, I have sent it out quite a few times!

Here again, you must know your own health history and if anything on this list would interfere with any medications or health issues you may have.

And again, I am sure there are many other recommendations people could make. This is just what we have used in our family.

I still would highly recommend that you read through the IMASK complete protocol mentioned above for more detailed supplement info.


Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) – We actually have the powder that I try to take daily (Not always good about it!). I use roughly ½ tsp powder ~2000 mg.) that I mix in water and drink. When I feel sickness coming on, I will take it 2- 3 times per day.

Vitamin D 3/k2  – 5000 mg. I have taken this daily for years. When sick, I take 2. But I would not take that much, long term.

Zinc – when sick 30 mg. a day

Quercetin 800 mg a day, If quite ill, I double it.

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) – When I was sick, I took this. The pills were 1,000 mg each, and I took at 2- 3 per day. This supports healthy lung function and immune health.

Electrolytes help if you are ill, have lost appetite and are primarily just drinking. It’s important to stay well hydrated.

(See picture below.)

Nasal spray/drops:  This was something I did not know to do when I was sick, but I see it recommended quite frequently now and we have started doing this with the iodine mixture and a dropper (3 T. water mixed with 1/2 tsp povidone iodine.)

Get any mouthwash that either says “kills 99.9% germs” or hydrogen peroxide. Gargle twice daily. This slows viral replication in mouth.

If you do get sick- make sure you keep moving – walking around a few times a day or moving your arms if you are too weak to move. Exercise your lungs – even by singing if you can!

Other things we have in our house that I also might add – and did add – when I was sick were:

Oregano oil – capsules

Olive leaf extract – capsules


Get a pulse oximeter to measure blood oxygen levels. Get at drugstore or Amazon

We’ve also purchased spirometer (Have not had reason to used it, though)

*ALSO – I would also recommend famotidine (Pepcid AC) (Take it in the morning and evening.)

“We propose that the principal mechanism of action of famotidine for relieving COVID-19 symptoms involves on-target histamine receptor H2 activity, and that development of clinical COVID-19 involves dysfunctional mast cell activation and histamine release.” from this study:



Even though the above protocols are very thorough and science based, and these doctors have successfully treated thousands of patients; they are still getting censored, and relentlessly attacked by the media.

It’s literally mind-boggling that this is happening.

This is what our world is up against. It’s the vaccine that the governments are offering as your only hope, or very little else. The CEO of Pfizer recently stated that the current vaccine is not effetive against omicron, and the WHO  has stated that continual boosters of the vaccine are not appropriate. No surprise that they have more new vaccines on the way. (And their new $550 “anti-viral” pill seems to be very similar to  .50 Ivermectin)

The average doctor knows little to nothing about these treatments. If they have been made aware of them, many have been conditioned to believe that the treatments are “mis-information” propagated by anti-vax conspiratorial doctors.

I would ask you to go read the bios of the doctors of the above protocols. They are extensive.

They have treated thousands of patients. I would think if any one of us contracted Covid, we would be relieved to have them as our physician.

I also do not believe any one of them would be defined as an “anti-vaxxer,” unless the new definition of anti-vax is used, which is one who opposes vaccine mandates.

It seems rather conflated to say that someone who is against mandates is also someone who is against all vaccines. But it fits the status quo narrative, and it’s now in the dictionary that way.

The Rules of Debate:

I am reminded of the first rule in debate is, “Whoever owns the definitions, owns the argument.”

See how that works out:

Against mandates = Anti -Vaxxer (Rather than someone who simply holds to a view that people should not be forced or coerced to take an injection to move about freely in society.)

Ivermectin = Horse dewormer (rather than what has been described as a multi-faceted wonder drug on the WHO’s list of essential medications.) See HERE

Hydroxychloroquine = Alt-right racist Trump lover (Rather that focusing on the drug’s anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties) 

Who is going to prescribe that?

Evaluate on the science presented above, not on stigmas. However, the problem is is that if you do a search on these medications, you can probably find just as many studies that support their use as don’t.  For a further review of that problem – watch this. 

There have been countless documentaries made on the failure of current government approved treatments being used in hospitals throughout the country, and the tragedy of Covid vaccine injury.

The question is why? Why are treatments that continue to fail still being used?

Why have long-standing, safe medications been prohibited from use?

And why have the doctors who have been so successful using these treatments been censored, faced vitriolic defamation, some even being fired or faced jail?

All they are doing is saving lives.

I’d suggest paying attention and listening to the doctors that are saving lives.

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