Quiet But Not Inactive

It’s been a while since I’ve been regularly posting on social media.

So much of my time towards the end of 2020 and all of 2021 was focusing on medical freedom and vaccine choice. Some days I was spending upwards of 8-12 hours on it.

I have not stopped working on this issue.  I have only stopped posting. Partly because my account is still in “warning status” and I do not wish to be permanently banned, and because I am so shadow banned thus its difficult to get information disseminated.

The vaccine injuries continue to mount, and the tragedy that befalls those who have been injured has me vacillating between utter heartbreak and indignation.

I still cannot comprehend how we are treating people like this.

What does it take to awaken people to the reality that government entities are not bastions of  “all-knowing-truth” that can be trusted with our lives?  Why is it that we know there is corruption in every area of government, yet when it comes to anything to do with this topic – to question it is sacrilegious?

Bree Dressen, who is a spokesperson for React 19 and the Covid 19 vaccine injured, reached out to me asking that I share the following information.

Tragically, there has been an uptick in suicides in the vaccine injured groups she is involved with.  When no one will listen to you, nor believe you, and censors you, what else is there to do?

These people are suffering, every single day. It is absolutely abhorrent that they need to fight to get doctors and health professionals to believe them.

In the video below, the injured are trying to reach out to those who are suicidal, to give them hope. What is so very sad is that they even had to mute out the word “vaccine” in the video for fear of censorship. How more tragic can this get?



These folks are desperately trying to be seen, heard and believed.




Below is an example of just one vaccine-injured person’s medical bills being over 1.2 million dollars. Bree had to mortgage her house, as well, as she was unbelievably – and unconscionably – only compensated around $1400.

Many of the injured are in the same predicament. Maddie de Garay’s story is so tragic – especially since the lead investigator for Pfizer’s clinical trial knew of her injury, and yet Pfizer has done nothing to contact her family or offer any compensation.

The depravity of man never ceases to amaze me. READ IT HERE:

From Facebook:

“Let’s all thank vaccine injury survivors Steve Wenger and clinical trial participant Bree Dressen and many others who advocated to get the injured some compensation for their suffering. Steve’s medical bills were over 1.2 million in 2021 and because he has the chronic form of Guillian Barre he has to have IVIG (10 to 12k per bag) monthly for the rest of his life. These survivors stepped up and got vaccinated to help humanity and end the pandemic.”

Yes, remember, that all these folks did what they were asked – or forced –  to do,  Not only did some lose everything, they also lost any hope of help from those in the government whom they thought they could trust.


It’s time for you to do something.

It’s time for you to believe their stories. It’s time for you to share this information with every medical person, educator, lawmaker, friend, and family member that you know.

Your silence has consequences to a suffering humanity.


There is no reason not to.

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