Maddie Needs To Be Heard

I still cannot believe that our government has allowed this to happen.
I mean, should I be surprised? No.
But I don’t think I ever really believed that this would truly happen. That people would be left with no recourse, literally abandoned.
Now, I know. 
Now, we all know.

Or do we?

Why? Why can’t people see what is happening? Why is there a refusal to see it? Never in my life have I witnessed such abject denial of evidence of harm.

What has happened to us?  Seriously, what?

Have your read the thousands of stories I have previously posted of people pleading for help?

Start right here and see the reality of what our government agencies and Pfizer have done to, Maddie, a once healthy 12-year-old girl who is now paralyzed and on a feeding tube.

Here are a few short videos showing this tragedy:

Yes, what has happened to this little girl and her family is beyond comprehension.

And here’s something to think about.

The people at these government agencies know about this – yes, THEY DO KNOW- just watch this short clip to see:

Yet these agency heads are just living their lives – maybe even out tonight enjoying a party with friends.

But they know they have done this. They know their actions have brought unbelievable suffering and hardship to this family. And they know about the suffering of thousands of others.

Their silence is evil:

  • Morally bad or wrong; wicked.
  • Causing ruin, injury, or pain; harmful.

How do people live with the knowledge of the damage their actions have caused?

How does a portion of the population who hear this just ignore it?

I just cannot comprehend this level of cognitive dissonance.

What are you going to do with this information?

Are your eyes opened? Are you willing to help bring awareness of this to those around you?

Or will you just excuse it away? Close your eyes to it? Not believe it – because perhaps it is too unbelievable? Roll your eyes at those who share these stories?

Go ahead.

But you will not be able to escape the fact that your actions make you complicit in the evil that is happening.

Your silence is an action.

Your disbelief negates people. Erases them.

Your disregard shows your bias.

Perhaps you should think again.

See. They were given no indication they would be left on their own, shunned, silenced, and censored.

Act. They need a lifeline.

Now. Like, right now. Share this with a journalist, a medical professional, a legislator, friends, family, social media. 

Please consider donating – as generously as you are able.

Read more of this tragic story and donate.

Now, read this next to see the reality of how this tragedy is being lived out daily in the lives of tens of thousands:

We all need to work together to shed the light of truth on this bitter, dark reality so these people can be helped.