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Cruelty is Evil

We have done, and are continuing to do, a very cruel thing.

Not only is it cruel, it is evil.

I want to believe that people’s hearts are not so hardened, or confirmation bias so strong, that they won’t at least listen.

Listen to the stories of the cruelty that has been done.

Tens of thousands – potentially hundreds of thousands need you to listen. They need your help to hear the “cruelty that has been imposed” upon them.

Those are not my words; those are the words of someone who committed suicide because they were “erased” by our government agencies, and doctors who were just following these agencies’ orders.

Kyle Warner is the young man speaking in this video. He is a 29-year-old professional mountain bike racer and 3-three-time national champion. He was vaccine injured and may never race again.

I know Bree, who speaks at the end of this video. I know that she has sat with the heads of our government agencies and major news outlets.

I know she has sat with evidence of recorded zoom calls with these agencies, voice recordings and documented medical records, only to be met with silence and abandonment.

It is unfathomable to me that this silence can be happening on such a massive scale. Like, how?


But It Is

Not only have they been silenced by these agencies, they also represent thousands who were in support groups on Facebook. They were found by Facebook, and then eliminated.

Bree tells of this in videos I have included in the link below. All contact was lost with those in crisis.

Tuesday morning, I met with a few close friends and just cried. Cried because my heart is so broken. It’s broken for them. It’s broken for us. It’s broken because there seems to be no way forward for them. The “establishment narrative” beats down hard, shuts them out, and divides us all.

Even if mandates were removed, these people would still be left suffering in silence.

The injured are waking up today:

Silenced. Disregarded. Mocked. Insulted. Death threats.

This is not misinformation.

This is information everyone needs to know so the injured can get the help they need. This is not vaccine issue. This is a humanitarian issue. 

Even if you think you’ve heard it before, take the time to hear it again – to the end. Hear the desperate plea, again.

Put aside your politics. Put aside your presuppositions – for just 2 minutes and 17 seconds.

In order for the injured to start being heard it is incumbent upon you, you who are reading this to do SOMETHING-ANYTHING- to make sure the world knows the cruelty that has been imposed on these people.

Send this post to someone. Someone you believe will have enough compassion to listen, hear, and believe.

Do you know a doctor, medical professional, lawmaker, or journalist? Send this to them.

PLEASE speak for them. Please stand up for them.

They did what they were asked to do. Now they need our help.


Following is a sampling of social media sites and websites that feature the stories of those who have been injured.  

You can hear and read many stories in these blog posts. I recommend starting here. I have kept the videos in each blog post short.



These Are Various Sites Linking Info From Government Data Sites:

This blog post contains links to several government data sites:

Instagram Sites:

Dozens of Instagram accounts have been taken down over the last year. It seems almost every week, another account has been deleted. For the moment, these are up:

You Can Help Break The Silence

First, please consider sharing this post with anyone you know who will listen. Do you know a doctor, medical professional, lawmaker, or journalist? Share it with them.

Next, ReAct 19 is a research focused grassroots organization made up of patients, scientists and physicians. Working to increase our understanding in the role of Covid-19 in those who experience systemic and prolonged symptoms, after acute infection or after vaccination.  You can share this site with your doctor or any medical professionals you may know:

Please take a moment to watch this video that features the injured. Below is an edited video clip I put together to use for social media. Visit the site to view the entire video. Please consider donating, even $5 or $10 can make a difference. No gift is too small! 

These folks have been left behind and many are drowning in debt.

As Bree said in her testimony. “If you get Covid, you will get the help and medical care you need. But if you are injured by the vaccine, the government won’t help you, the drug companies won’t help you, you will be completely on your own.”


Do you live in Indiana?

If you live in Indiana and are concerned that a mandatory vaccine policy might cause you to lose your job, I would urge you to check into  – and JOIN –

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty: