Freedom Rally

This weekend I am off to D.C. for Sunday’s “Defeat the Mandates” rally. There will be freedom rallies held across the globe, including more than 40 countries and 150 cities.

Participants will march in support of informed consent, natural immunity, use of early treatments and the doctor-patient relationship that should exist independent of government interference.

We know that Covid is real and must be taken seriously. But we also know that there are ways of dealing with the virus that do not need to involve coercion or forced mandates.

The Media Spin

Whether there will be 100 or 100,000 people in attendance, it will not change the media narrative of the event, which has probably already been queued and ready to go.

I predict the media reports will follow this narrative:


First, it will be discredited as a massive misinformation campaign hosted by conspiratorial, anti-vax, pandemic profiteers.

Pay no mind to the fact that many of the speakers have already been fighting for years for medical freedom, pro-informed consent laws and encouraging people to be educated on how to be good stewards of their health.

My guess is the media might also fail to mention that there have been no greater profiteers from the pandemic than the vaccine manufacturers themselves. After all, to quote a CNN headline, “Covid Vaccines Profit Mint 9 More Pharma Billionaires.” I don’t begrudge a company making a profit. That’s what businesses do. I am just stating a fact.

I am also guessing that although some of the speakers may not have had the Covid vaccine, they have had most other vaccines. This rally is against mandates not vaccines.

The credentials and expertise of the many doctors who will be speaking will be ignored by the media and replaced with defamatory labels. Some are medical professionals that are the most published in their field of study, in the world.

These same doctors will be admonished for dissenting from “established” government health recommendations.

Successful Treatments Thwarted

Yet, these same doctors have successfully treated, daily, thousands of patients, often with medicines that are on the WHO essential medicine list.  However, these same medications have been kept from thousands of other patients because our government agencies have thwarted doctors attempts to use them. Some have stated that 85% of Covid deaths could have been avoided had early treatment been used.

Next, a portion of the rally will be devoted to speeches by the vaccine injured. Bree Dressen, who was injured by the Covid vaccine, is heading up that portion of the event.

Bree and I have connected over the past few months. I have video clips from her testimony in my blog posts, some of which have received several hundred thousands of views on my social media.

Bree has sat with the heads of the FDA and CDC and NIH – and their response has been very disturbing.  She has the phone calls and emails all documented. There is so much the public has no idea about.


Because the same media that will be covering this event is the same media that has silenced the injured. Thousands of them. And they have silenced anyone who tries to get their stories out. Just ask me how I know.

What I have witnessed over this last year is what has compelled me to do whatever I can to get their voices out to be seen, heard, and believed.

I would challenge anyone reading this who believes these injuries are “very rare” or “fake news” to go look at everything I have posted over the last year. I would be hard-pressed to believe that any individual who does so could be so hard-hearted to reject the validity of what is occurring.

You can start here:


At some point you will be saying, “Wait, wait, wait, how can this be happening?”

Come to the rally and you will hear how.

Those in Attendance

Now, at the rally, will there be some crazy nutty extremists in the audience? Probably, there always are. And the networks will make sure that they get interviewed and put them in front of you.

However, the vast majority of the crowd will undoubtably be made up of moms and dads, and grandmas and grandpas who are concerned for their children’s futures and the extreme governmental overreach that has occurred with lockdowns, segregation, forced and coerced mandates and now the restrictions on the ability to move freely in society.

The list of speakers also covers a vast swath of the political and ideological landscape.

Will I, and every person at the rally, agree with every topic that each of those speakers address?  Probably not.

But will we all agree with the fundamental premise being put forth of defeating mandates? Absolutely.

And therein lies the beauty of what was once a prevailing goal in American culture: Finding unity in diversity.

My Ultimate Prediction

I end with two quotes from George Orwell’s 1984 – the historic novel that explores the obliteration of truth and individuality and a world governed by propaganda, surveillance, and censorship – and my final prediction.

The first quote speaks to the dystopian state:

 “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command….”

The second, is a call to challenge that dystopia:

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

Whatever spin the “Ministry of Truth” media narrative will be of the rally, I predict that they will neglect to tell you this:

 “It was a revolutionary act attended by those who have NOT rejected the evidence of their eyes and ears.”