Wait! Before you throw that in your trash can….

Honestly, although we throw our trash in the can and haul it to the curb, there is no magical place where trash goes “away”.

Where should you be throwing your toxic chemicals, light bulbs, batteries, paints, appliances and electronics? Even food?

Is it possible for you to reduce your waste?  Yes! With just a few small changes we can make a big difference in the world we live.

Neil Miller, Communications and Outreach Coordinator for Allen County Department of Environmental Management,  provided SO much great information in this podcast episode.

Listen in to hear so many great “trash tips” from Neil; then, check out the rest of this blog post for a truckload of resources!!!

Resources Discussed by Neil

There is so much information on the ACDEM!

Just click! 


Information on Composting

To learn more about where to recycle plastic bags, visit:

Interested in connecting with some local “Zero Wasters”?

Check out this facebook Page:


Neil’s recommendations for “Zero Waste” products:

“A great resource for many zero-waste products including silicone “Ziploc” bags is EarthHero.com – we refer to it as the zero waste amazon! They also carry a fair amount of zero-waste items at Target. A well-recommended brand of silicone bags is Stasher – they can be pricy, but when you consider the reuse and the money you save on purchasing disposable ones, it can be worth it!

Click HERE

Click HERE:

Here are the bamboo utensils and reusable bags that were discussed:

Composting Services

Click on picture for website

Neil provides these sites for further Solid Waste districts in NE Indiana:

Allen County residents can contact us via our website – acwastewatcher.org

Wells County: https://wellscounty.org/solid-waste-districtrecycling-center/

Adams County: http://www.adamscountyswmd.com/

Huntington County: https://www.huntington.in.us/county/department/index.php?structureid=38

Whitley County: https://www.whitleygov.com/department/index.php?structureid=24

Lagrange, Dekalb, Noble, Steuben – http://www.niswmd.org/

Thanks, Neil!