Vegan basics: There are 3 main groups of vegetarians; those that eat milk and eggs (lacto-ova), those that eat milk, but no eggs (lacto), and those that avoid all animal products (vegan). About 18 years ago, when we were dealing with some allergy issues with one of our kids, we spent time in the vegan camp. My main resource – because that was long before I was using the Internet, was “Of These You May Freely Eat.” I bought it  for $2.95 then – and I recently checked and it is still just $2.95. I still use some of the recipes out of this book. Most notably, a cheese sauce made from cashews that I make macaroni and cheese with. To this day most of my kids prefer it to a dairy based Mac and cheese. Vegetarianism has obviously been around since the dawn of time, so there is not much new under the sun to review. However, with the movie Forks over Knives several years ago, it has gained a renewed popular following. Forks over Knives promotes a whole foods, plant based diet, including fruit, tubers with starchy vegetables, grains and legumes (peas, beans, lentils), with no (or very minimal) animal products. What is interesting, is that it excludes all oils and advocates limiting nuts, seeds and avocados. The Forks over Knives website can be found here and Facebook page here. This diet certainly is quite different from all the diet lifestyles I have reviewed. Where all the other diets hailed healthy fats and eliminated grains, this one clearly advocates the opposite. Yet the film, and all the people who follow the plan, clearly show life-changing results, as do all the people who are eating nothing but fat and animal products! Is it just that every “body” is different, or are we going to see some serious healthy issues in the future because of some of the really high-fat diets of today?  It will be interesting to watch it unfold – hopefully all for the better!