The basics of the paleo diet is one that consists mainly of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits nuts and seeds. All dairy and grain products are excluded.

One of the most helpful resources I own on this diet is “The Paleo Approach”.

Author, mom and scientist, Sarah Ballantyne, writes a paragraph-long list of illnesses she has suffered with, with a mile long list of of medication she was on – and has now reversed them all using the “Paleo Approach,” enjoying a life she never imagined she would have. Sarah saw 6 different doctors in 5 different cities over the course of 8 years, when finally she said, “I was never prescribed any treatment other than strong topical and low-dose oral steroids. I had to figure it out on my own.” So, on goes the scientist hat and out comes the book that has been called  “The Most Thoroughly Researched and Well Explained Book on Paleo & Autoimmunity.”   Indeed, this book has a lot of science in it – but in a very understandable and useful way.

If you have an autoimmune issue – you will want to have this book!

Sarah’s blog is

The Wahls Protocol

“Like many physicians, Dr. Terry Wahls focused on treating her patients’ ailments with drugs or surgical procedures—until she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2000. Within three years, her back and stomach muscles had weakened to the point where she needed a tilt-recline wheelchair. Conventional medical treatments were failing her, and she feared that she would be bedridden for the rest of her life.

Dr. Wahls began studying the latest research on autoimmune disease and brain biology, and decided to get her vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids from the food she ate rather than pills and supplements. Dr. Wahl’s adopted the nutrient-rich paleo diet, gradually refining and integrating it into a regimen of neuromuscular stimulation. First, she walked slowly, then steadily, and then she biked eighteen miles in a single day. In November 2011, Dr. Wahls shared her remarkable recovery in a TEDx talk that immediately went viral. Now, in The Wahls Protocol, she shares the details of the protocol that allowed her to reverse many of her symptoms, get back to her life, and embark on a new mission: to share the Wahls Protocol with others suffering from the ravages of multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune conditions.”

Dr. Wahls website is: