I have been familiar with the “GAPS” diet for several years.  Someone actually suggested it when Autumn first started to have seizures, and before we knew about the ketogenic diet. I personally feel that the Ketogenic Diet is THE DIET for epilepsy. However, the GAPS diet would certainly be one of the diets I would consider trying if I had a child that exhibited any autistic symptoms, behavioral problems or bowel issues.

The basic premise is exactly what the above article proposed – heal the gut, heal the body.

This article specifically deals with Autism and the Gut:


and why this information is not getting out:


On the GAPS protocol  You heal the gut by eating bone broths, cultured dairy, fermented veggies, and staying away from grains and sugar.  The GAPS diet has been instrumental in helping MANY people find good health – both physical and psychological. I have read that people who have a problem with candida and go on anti-candida diets may never really get “cured” until they heal the gut, so some find better relief doing the GAPS protocol. You can also find many sites on the internet of parents who have found that the diet brought their children back from autism.

Following are sites for more information:



If you are interested in starting the diet, I found this website to be helpful. “What Can I Eat Now?” and it was very helpful: