“I know of no greater failure among Christians than in presenting a persuasive approach to sexuality.”

Honestly, it seems as if sexuality is the most discussed topic outside of the church, and the least discussed within the church. This book takes a very theological in-depth, thoughtful and compassionate approach to human sexuality and why how we live out our sexuality out matters. This book is so important in speaking truth and grace into our kids lives, as well as our own.

Let me share a few quotes from the book:

“For far too long, Christianity has not represented a safe place for pilgrims to find help related to sexuality.”

“Christians have a long history of avoiding and mishandling topics of sexuality. For generations, we simply didn’t talk about things such as sexual addition, sexual abuse, sexual dysfunction or even sexual pleasure in marriage.”

“I know of no issue that more effectively cuts to the quick of our beliefs in God. To the extent that we refuse to talk about tough sexual issues, we allow culture to define God’s character and truth on sexuality.”

“Although sexuality presents enormous challenge to Christians and to the world at large, it is not a problem to be solved but a territory to be reclaimed.”

This ground-breaking resource challenges and equips Christians to think and act biblically and compassionately in matters of sexuality.

“Sexual abuse, sex addiction, gender confusion, brokenness, and shame plague today’s world, and people are seeking clarity and hope. By contesting long-held cultural paradigms, this book equips you to see how sexuality is rooted in the broader context of God’s heart and His work for us on earth. It provides a framework from which to understand the big picture of sexual challenges and wholeness, and helps you recognize that every sexual question is ultimately a spiritual one. It shifts the paradigm from combating sexual problems to confidently proclaiming and modeling the road to sacred sexuality.”

You can listen to Juli talk about the book with the RZIM Ask Away team on this podcast episode. It is a really honest conversation on the intricacies we face and the implications of how our view of God affects our views on sex. This is a much needed resouce to fortify  your life and your kids lives. A link to the book can be found here.