Raw Food basics: Eating only uncooked food, primarily fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains, seeds, nuts and nut milks.

I don’t remember what the catalyst was for going “Raw”, but I did follow a raw food plan for awhile and attended some raw food groups in the area. The “guru” of raw food nutrition is considered to be Allisa Cohen.


From her website:

Alissa’sdeep knowledge and enthusiasm for living a healthy lifestyle has attracted major media attention. Since appearing  on NBC’s Today show in August 2005 as a nutrition expert, promoting the benefits of raw food for its “10 Secrets for Staying Young” segment, Alissa has appeared on numerous television and radio shows as well as magazines and newspapers in the U.S. and abroad. Alissa’s first book, Living on Live Food, is the most comprehensive, accessible, and practical book on raw food ever to come into print.


You can check out her website here.

The basic premise behind a raw food diet is that when you eat food in its raw form it contains all its enzymes, vitamins and minerals.  The assumption being that when you cook your food, those nutrients are lost. There is certanly some truth to this however, a raw diet is not good for everyone. Dr. Axe has written an extensive post on raw diets that you can read here.

Other notable websites are:

The Raw Chef

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