…while still in high school?

Considering that the average cost is $300 per 1 college credit hour,  if any of your kids are college bound, it may be a good idea for the budget to take advantage of any opportunity to reduce the cost.

For the past several years, my high school children have been taking advantage of the Indiana Tech “Early Start” program.  This program allows your student to take up to 30 credits. That would be up to a $8,250 savings!

Classes can be taken on-line or on-site at the campus located at 1600 East Washington Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN.

Everything you need to know about the program can be found here.

Also, Indiana Tech offers 4 Presidential Scholarships every year. This is a full tuition scholarship. It is renewable for up to a total of eight semesters to help you achieve your first baccalaureate degree.  My daughter, Kristen, was the recipient of the scholarship this year. You can find all Indiana Tech’s scholarship info here.

Do you have a resource to share on inexpensive college credits? Please let us know here!