The first time I came across Kroeker Academy was when I was reading their course descriptions in a homeschool newsletter and was thinking, “Wow, how do they teach ALL that in one class?!”  So often times I wanted my kids to take classes they were offering, but due to schedule conflicts, it never happened. I often felt we missed out on some great learning! I have, however, had many friends whose kids have taken their classes, and they have confirmed what I instinctively knew – there is a whole lot of learning going on in those classes!

I got to know Miriam Kroeker at Fire and Light Productions, where some of our children participate in theater. I recently asked her to share a bit about Kroeker Acadmey:

“Kroeker Homeschool Academy has been committed to the Fort Wayne homeschool community for 17 years! Our goal and purpose is to promote academic excellence in our students through each course of study we offer. Involved parents and students have routinely commented on KHA’s rigorous and invigorating classes. Through the study of English, writing, Latin, history, logic, or speech, our academic classes focus on developing critical thinking skills while providing many opportunities for laughter and relationship building, all taught from a Christian worldview. Our music program, KHA Strings, covers all levels of string performance from the complete beginner to the advanced student with performance opportunities for all. In all KHA classes, students receive weekly, formal instruction along with clearly detailed, well-organized at-home work for the remainder of the week, so you, the parent, can remain actively involved in the educational process. Also, many classes operate on a three or four year rotation so students can enjoy a multi-year benefit.”

Here are a few testimonials:

“Our involvement with Kroeker Homeschool Academy has truly been a huge blessing for our family! The preparation for college level work has been outstanding along with the fun my boys have had and created while attending classes!

Deb, homeschooling 27 years

“The classes were very well organized. My kids learned discipline with their work habits. Although the classes were full of information, the variety made the classes interesting.  My kids are always telling me things they learned.  The Kroekers were very positive and encouraging.  My kids have all become better students.”

Renee, homeschooling 28 years

“My kids make absolutely no complaint about the classes and are glad to go every week.  Because they like the classes, they are motivated to work hard at their assignments.  I personally like the curriculum. I like the fact that they read a variety of books and write a variety of papers. This is a very thorough curriculum, and my children must work hard and apply themselves in order to do well. It has helped to foster virtues needed to continue to do well in their future education.”

Cheryl, homeschooling 28 years

“I love making music with other kids!” Elias, 4th grade

“I didn’t know I could like English!” Luke, 7th grade

“It was challenging. I learned a lot about Roman history and culture as well as the Latin language.” Tony, 9th grade

“Logic has helped me understand the fallacies of the media around us.” Adam, 11th grade

“These classes are very informative. I enjoyed them so much that I have taken four years of Latin and three years of English at Kroeker Homeschool Academy.”

Ethan, 12th grade

“This class really helped me improve my writing. It is a great class with excellent teaching from a very knowledgeable teacher who cares for her students.”

Gramm, graduate

Greg and Miriam Kroeker

If you are interested in finding out more information on all Kroeker Academy has to offer, you can check out their website here.