Fort4Fitness, Inc. is a non-profit, organization committed to inspiring healthy living through fitness in the Greater Fort Wayne Region.

Fort4Fitness annually hosts the Fall Festival in late September in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The event features a Festival Expo, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 4 Mile Run/Walk, Kids Marathon and Seniors Marathon. In May each year, Fort4Fitness hosts a cycling event called Spring Cycle which includes distances of 10, 19, 34, 44 miles and 100K Metric Century (62 miles). On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, the Fort4Fitness Fantasy of Lights 5K dashes through the holiday displays at Franke Park.

 This year Fort Wayne had it’s 6th annual F4F spring cycle. This was my second year doing it with my mom and the first year for some of my siblings. It’s so handy that they set up multiple different distances so you can pick a route that is just right for you. I did the 19 mile loop around town as well as the rest of my family doing it. There’s no feeling quite like riding around your city with 1,000+ people! This bike ride is one of the things I look forward to all year round. It is loads of fun and great exercise!

The bike ride is also a time you can make new friends who are from the same area. This year I met a lady when we were on the hardest part of the ride (right into the wind and going up hills) and we ended up doing the next 12 miles and finished together. I was great having someone to bike with since I lost my family within 5 minutes of the start! We even went through a downpour of rain and we were all leaning down and squinting, trying to see in the rain while it smacked our faces like a windshield. It was quite an adventure and loads of fun!! There was somewhere around 1,300 riders this year

They provide lunch for the bikers after the race and this year, lunch was in the food truck alley. We all went to Rajun Cajun Tacos… SO GOOD!!!! I got a steak and a shrimp taco and both were delicious! They tasted very fresh. I highly recommend stopping by the food truck alley and picking up tacos at Big John’s Ragin’ Cajun’s taco truck. You won’t be dissappointed!

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For more information, visit the Fort4Fitness website here.

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