Local Volleyball Anyone?

Local Volleyball Anyone?

Volleyball is one of those sports where both elite athletes and non-athletically inclined individuals can have equal levels of enjoyment. Fort Wayne, perhaps surprisingly, is full of opportunities to be involved in volleyball–at whatever level you play.

Fort Wayne’s volleyball scene starts with what was formerly the IPFW Mastodons men’s volleyball team, home of Lloyd Ball, Olympic gold medalist. Even now, years after Ball has moved on, the Purdue Fort Wayne Mastodons men’s volleyball games tend to be crowded and lively and are a fun, inexpensive way to spend an evening. 

Youth volleyball options are seemingly endless, with club teams all over the area, including Summit Volleyball, Fort Wayne Volleyball Club, and Empowered Volleyball. Many of these programs boast impressive coaching resumes, home and travel playing options, and strong college recruiting statistics. 

But for those of us no longer in highschool or college, yet still wanting to play, all hope is not lost. 

Perhaps the longest-standing host of adult volleyball leagues in Fort Wayne is Fairplay Volleyball. Fairplay offers leagues at all levels, from the “C” social leagues to the elite “A” leagues. During the fall and winter months, indoor leagues are hosted at Spiece Fitness, Concordia Seminary, and the Parkview Fieldhouse, with games happening nearly every day of the week. In the summer, some indoor leagues are still offered, but much of the action moves outdoors to River City, the city’s outdoor beach volleyball hub. The summer beach leagues also span playing levels and even if you aren’t playing, River City is a fun atmosphere for watching and cheering on friends as they play. In addition to the weeknight leagues, Fairplay often hosts several weekend tournaments throughout the year. For more information, go to https://www.fairplayvolleyball.com/

Empowered Beach Volleyball also offers adult leagues throughout the year in their indoor beach facility. With five beach volleyball courts in a covered (and heated when necessary) facility, Empowered offers both elite and social leagues on the sand. Empowered also hosts several AVP beach tournaments each year, bringing elite players to Fort Wayne and boosting the level of competition. For more information, go to https://www.empoweredsportsclub.com/adultbeachleagues

Sunset at River River City


Fort Wayne Sport & Social Leagues also host volleyball leagues as one of their many sport offerings. Currently, their beach leagues take place at the Empowered Beach Volleyball facility, and their indoor leagues will be hosted at Turnstone. Fort Wayne Sport & Social is focused on meeting new people and socializing through sports of all kinds, volleyball being just one of many sport leagues they organize. If you are in it just for the fun and aren’t interested as much in the level of competition, the Fort Wayne Sport & Social Leagues are a great way to get involved. Learn more at https://fortwaynesocial.com

If one wanted, they could play volleyball every day of the week in Fort Wayne. It’s a wonderful way to make friends and stay active.