In the two previous articles I have written, I have included the idea of gospel-centered grandparenting. Readers may be wondering what exactly I am alluding to in utilzing that terminology. While I don’t have a specific definition to share, it involves the concept that God has called grandparents to a role in passing on their faith to future generations. Additionally, a primary tool for showing and sharing that faith is the gospel! While I have been a Christian for over four decades, my understanding of the gospel has only recently been expanded. I had understood the gospel as the “good news” that was paramount to my salvation, but never understood it beyond that experience. Through solid, Biblical teaching I have begun to grow in the understanding and application of the gospel to my daily life.* And I now recognize the value of transmitting those truths to my grandchildren. The idea of gospel-centered grandparenting is not original with me, but rather is something I have been learning about, and prayerfully growing in, in recent years. My first exposure to a more succinct definition came through an article on Christian Grandparenting Network entitled, “The Best Part of Being a Grandparent.” This article was an interview with Larry McCall, who was writing a book on grandparenting. The entire article spoke to my heart and perhaps it is best encapsulated in this quote, “Having fun with our grandkids is great! But, that’s not the best part of grandparenting. The best part is having the amazing privilege of passing the baton of faith.”
Most of us approach grandparenting in response to how we watched our parents or what we remember from our own grandparents interactions. We’ve adopted societal norms or just fell into what seems natural in our role as a grandparent. Others don’t really think about it at all. But, I want to play a role in the discipleship of my grandchildren—teaching and modeling the gospel and intentional in being Christ-focused in my interactions. If this has intrigued you to discover more thoroughly how to live the gospel with the next generation, I want to direct you to Larry McCall’s book, Grandparenting with Grace. This is a practical, biblical resource that will give clarity to your role as a godly Grandparent.

Other resources:

Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent is one of those simplistic and yet utterly transformative works that every follower of Christ should read and return to again, and again, and again, until they’re overflowing with the Gospel.

And anticipating its release in June Discipling Your Grandchildren: Great Ideas to Help Them Know, Love, and Serve God by Josh Mulvihill. (Obviously I have not read this title yet, but having read other books by the same author, I think it would be a great resource)

* I don’t have the room to fully expand on this topic here, but please contact me if you are interested in learning more about the power of the gospel in your daily life!