My introductory article mentioned three areas that are important to me in my grand-parenting journey: growing relationally, praying consistently, and being gospel-centered. It is obvious that I will not grow and persevere in any of these areas without a definitive plan and intentionality, and I suspect that I am not alone. Therefore, in this post I want to remotivate and encourage myself, and you, in the subject of praying for our grandchildren.

As I have aged, the topic and action of prayer, in general, have become more important to me. There are probably several reasons for this—growth both in spiritual and theological ways, but perhaps the biggest reason is really quite simple, I have more quiet time. Our home is no longer bustling with four children and all the activity that occurred as they transitioned from infants to adults. Looking back over those busy parenting days, I lament that I didn’t pray more consistently for my children, yet God is merciful and gracious and I’m thankful for the opportunity to now pray for my children, and grandchildren, too.

As Deborah Haddix writes on her website: “There are so many reasons for grandparents to pray.  Prayer:

  • is our call and our responsibility.
  • helps us be more involved in the lives of our grandchildren.
  • has an eternal impact on our grandchildren’s lives.
  • is an honor and a privilege.
  • closes the distance gap (miles and generations).
  • helps stop Satan’s schemes and powers toward our grandchildren.
  • is one of the greatest investments that can ever be made into the lives of our grandchildren.
  • is power.”

If, as grandparents, we do not make the time and effort to pray for our grandchildren, who will? I encourage you to take up that responsibility and recognize that it is a privilege and honor to be able to stand in the gap for our grandchildren with our prayers.

Prayer is one of those disciplines where there really is no right or wrong way to go about praying, but rather we should “Just Do It!” However, if you’re like me and benefit from having some structure to guide you in your prayer time, the following resources and tips might be helpful. If you have further suggestions, please share them with me, as well. A journal, notebook, or calendar would assist in organization and tracking consistency in your prayers. Note and document your answered prayer requests, as well. I use an app on my phone for my prayers that does the same. Grab grandpa or another grandma to pray together and/or hold you accountable to be regularly praying for your grandchildren. Regularly ask your grandchildren, if they are old enough, for their prayer requests. The resources below give you lots of general ideas, but nothing beats personalized prayers for specific needs. Also, ask your children (parents of the grandchildren) for prayer requests for both them and their children. Use these general prayer cards/lists/scriptures to guide and direct your prayers for your grandchildren:

Free printable topical prayer resources:

30 Day Praying with Purpose Grandparent Prayer Challenge;” free printable topical prayer resources:

  Free printable topical prayer resources for grandparents and their grandchildren; email sign-up for weekly prayer suggestions:

Small booklet that guides in scriptural prayer.

Book on grandparenting with a chapter on prayer with prayer suggestions given.


Here are a few Facebook pages to check out:

Grandparenting With a Purpose

30 – Day Praying with Purpose Challenge for Grandparents: Daily prayer prompts during the challenge dates (typically in January and mid-August through Grandparent’s Day in September)

Tell your grandchildren you are praying for them, and then follow through, and PRAY!